How Pokemon Go And Rattata Save My Life?

The arrival of Pokémon Go with extremely gameplay delivers plenty of interesting things. However, not all think so. Maybe you've read the whole list of articles condemning its gameplay. And also has detailed articles to "whitewash" for Pokémon Go here. There are many reasons people give for condemning Pokemon Go. But there are also stories about the benefits of it. Recently, a similar story has emerged and is being shared dizziness on Pokémon Go forum. Although just a coincidence, but Pokémon Go with Rattata were rescued guy in this story.

How Pokemon Go And Rattata Saved My Life?

A place of happen story (Google Map)

Start the story, the guy with the nickname Altargize share "Yesterday, at 1am after finishing work with the boss. I decided to walk to breathe fresh air and catching Pokémon. The city where I live in Spain has a long history and a lot pokestop. Here, vehicle runs slowly on the narrow road is next to the old house. " He decided to proceed to a pokestop to proceed as usual to receive items and things start to happen when he move toward it. Pokemon Rattata suddenly appeared on the screen but "A car approached and I decided to stop catching Rattata passing cars waiting" instead of walking and catching Pokémon as normal. There would be nothing worth mentioning if after that other cars ahead and crashed into the position where he will stand ought to go pokestop. Everything happened so fast and the lucky guy had to say, "It's unbelievable! If I was there for 10 seconds before they might have been stabbed to pieces just because 2 potions a Pokeball. " Pokemon Rattata accidentally save his life. And of course after that, Rattata also fits in Altargize Pokémon collection.

How Pokemon Go And Rattata Saved My Life? 2
Pokemon Rattata be shared Altargize (Internet)

Life always has interesting coincidence and stories are shared prove it. Lucky guy has further revealed that "Finally, I catch Rattata . I did not intend evolution it, I will upgrade and keep it as a mascot." He names Rattata as salvavidas (guardian) to remember "merits" of the weak Pokémon.

And you, do you think about Pokémon Go?


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