Pokemon Go Plus Will Sale In Japan On 16 September

If you do not know, Pokémon Go Plus is complementary to gaming devices. According to the information previously disclosed, it takes the form bracelet or badge set on a shirt. Its function is glowing, vibrating alarm when you go through an area with Pokémon. It is designed with LED and connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Only once that information has made players want to own it immediately.

Pokemon Go Plus Will Sale In Japan On 16 September

Pokémon Go Plus is powered devices useful for gamers Pokémon GO (Internet)

However, Pokemon Go Plus do not stop there. According to the latest confirmed we get, this device also incorporates many of features attractive include:

  • Connect quickly with the phone via Bluetooth.
  • Vibration alarm, illuminated when met Pokestop, Gym.
  • Vibration alarm, lights up when neighboring Pokémon appear.
  • Pokestop can dial and receive items directly by Pokémon Go Plus.
  • Can catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go Plus without opening the phone.
These features are extremely useful for trainers catch Pokémon. It save a lot of battery when you do not need to turn on the phone constantly and stare at the screen to find more Pokémon. A lot of things you can use through Pokémon GO Plus instead of on the phone.

Pokemon Go Plus Will Sale In Japan On 16 September 2

Pokémon GO Plus image is revealed

The latest information has been confirmed by Niantic. Accordingly, the "Pokémon Go Plus will be available on September 16". Most countries around the world are supporting only the American countries will have to wait a little while longer. With $40 you can buy Pokemon Go Plus device with all feather. What do you think?

Source: http://www.deerclops.com/2016/09/pokemon-go-plus-will-sale-in-japan-on.html

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