Why Pidgeot Should Not Be Overlooked!

Pokemon Go: Why Pidgeot Should Not Be Overlooked!

Why Pidgeot Should Not Be Overlooked!

Most Pokemon Go trainers would never think to keep a Pidgeot

Most trainers would assume Pidgeot is not a great Pokémon, yoadknux of Reddit does an analysis that may cause you to think otherwise. Here is his full analysis on Pidgeot and why it is one of the top five strongest flying Pokemon:

To sum up some of it, Pidgeot is one of the greatest Bird type Pokemon in the game right now. Which I’ve used myself since early generations of the GBA game to have a flying Pokemon to travel with. Pidgeot counters Grass and Fighting type Pokemon so it’s always good to keep it around just to be sure. Pidgeot is the easiest 3rd stage Pokemon to get considering there are Pidgey literally everywhere and you would have an early advantage collecting Pidgey and evolving.

During the Redditors article I did notice that he forgot to add Aerodactyl is also stronger than Pidgeot which is obvious, however it’s still a good read.

Pokemon Go: Why Pidgeot Should Not Be Overlooked! 2

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