Pokemon GO Plus Bracelet Review

The new Pokemon GO Plus brace has been out for a week now, and it’s selling in stores very well.

The only downfall is it doesn’t catch new Pokemon, only the ones you’ve caught before. You can’t use great or ultra balls and no berries, so basically you only get 1 throw so if a Pokemon breaks out of the ball you still have take your phone out.

The bonus is you can hatch your eggs without taking your phone out and The Plus buzzes in a more prolonged fashion when Pokemon appear, and pressing the button then will cue the 3 shake feature players are familiar with from the game and anime, then the device will flash red or green depend on if you caught the Pokemon, or if it ran away.

With Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke looking for more add ons to add to his game, such as new bracelets from Google companies or in his exact word ” Any device that’s worth adding compatibility we will look into adding to the game.” So this gives tons of room for new devices to come out and be more specific on catching Pokemon or trading once the update is released.

I’ve only bought one for myself, however I’ve noticed multiple people on our Pokemon-GO Global group with 210K members; buying more than one for themselves or other family members to enjoy the game easier, so yeah the Plus is selling really well. There is no direct number to support this statement, however the community’s response to this device can speak for itself.

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