How to make INCENSE spawn RARE and totally Random Pokemon – Working Trick

Hi all! First of all, this is a theory I have been thinking about and really tested it out the last few days to some interesting results!

It all started during vacation. Me and the GF went out to the coast to spend the day. Far away from anything and the in game pokemon radar was total blank. Popped an incense while laying in the sun and boom, a Vulpix arrived. And then some Pokemons I have never seen before in the wild here in Sweden (Ponyta, Diglets and even two Dragonairs).

When used near civilization all I have ever gotten is the rattatas, weedles and pidgeys.

Didn’t think much about it but last week something interesting happened that triggered me to try it out. Once again we visited a very remote lake that for some crazy reason had a PokeStop out in the middle of nowhere. I popped a lure and an incense and was overwhelmed with amount of Pokemons that day. It made no sense, but I got Abras, Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Dratinis, Vulpix, Mr Mime, Onyx and many more throughout the day.

So the theory I have been testing for the last few days is that I find a spot where the in game radar can not find a single pokemon nearby (the ingame pokeradar must be completely blank), and pop incense. And BAM, rare Pokemons just start spawning. Doesn’t matter where I am (near water, forest, etc), all different kind of Pokemons spawn.

Today I caught: 6x Abras 4x Ponytas 3x Growlithes 3x Pikachus 6x Digletts 1x Ivysaur 1x Dragonair 1x Omanyte 3x Vulpix 2x Charmander 4x Bulbasaurs and many more that doesn’t spawn at all in my area (other than the random rare spawns). Friends can not believe what I have caught.

The interesting thing, as SOON as a I got close to a big road and civilization and “nearby pokemon” showed up I was back to only getting Pidgeys, Rattatas and Weedles. Move back to the area with no nearby pokemon, I start getting total random pokemon again.


I went to a complete new area for three hours today, and got the exact same effect. This area was a part of a national park, had two pokestops I moved between. No pokemon in the nearby radar in game. This place was nowhere near water as someone yesterday pointed out what I caught sounded like pokemons that spawns near water.

The most noteworthy are I caught today where:

4x Pikachus 1x Raichu 2x Kabutos 2x Squirtles 1x Blastoise (!!!) 1x Charmander 2x Bulbasaur 1x Magmar 1x Primeape 1x Dugtrio

Other pokemon that spawned where: Ponyta, Growlithes, Machop, Zubats, Ekans, Poliwags, Sandshrews

My first thought that it is complete random is gone though. I definitely see a pattern in Ponytas, Pikachu Growlithes, Sandshrews, Magnetons and the three starter pokemons spawning fairly often.

I have tested this multiple times and it works really well!

Let me know what you think about this post, comment below, join the discussion.

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