How To Delete A Facebook Group

Facebook allows anyone to create a virtual group for any cause or interest. While the website includes many tools to customize your group, no option exists to instantly deactivate the entire group. Instead of including a "Delete Group" button, you must systematically remove all members, including yourself. Once the group's member count reaches zero, the group disappears.

1. Log in to Facebook and visit your group that you want to delete.

2. Click the "See All" link in the Members section on the right side. A list of every group member appears.

3. Click the "X" next to a group member's name and click "Remove." Repeat this action until you are the last group member remaining. After deleting all members, Facebook redirects you to the group's profile page.

4. Click the "Leave and Delete this Group" link.

5. Click "Delete Group."


You must be the group's creator to deactivate the group. If the creator left the group, then only a group administrator can delete the group.

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