How to Reactivate Your Facebook Account 2017

Here is How to Reactivate Your Facebook Account 2017.
When you use Facebook, sometimes you want to deactivate your account. And now, you want to reactivate your Account. It really easy, this tutorial will help you do that.

First, click here and login Facebook. The best way to reactivate your account is login to Facebook. Type your phone number (email address) and your password. If you deactivate your Facebook account recently, this way will reactivate your account immediately. 

Next, reset your password. If you have forgot or someone hack your password, you need Recovery Facebook Password. Fill in your Email, Phone, Full Name or Username, and click Search.

Then, select the reset method. You need choose one of them and click Continue.

Next, enter your confirm code. Facebook will send confirm code to your email or your phone number (whatever you choose). Please, check your email or message.

Finally, type your new password and confirm password. Click continue and done. 

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