How To Hide Friend List On Facebook Mobile App

If your Facebook account is public, your details are available for everyone to see. If you're privacy-minded, you may want to consider changing your settings.

To secure your friend list from being perused by other users, it is important that you change your privacy options. Follow the steps described below to get the job done:

1. On your favorite browser, open
2. On the Facebook’s welcome screen, login with your credentials.
3. On the homepage of your account, click on your Name next to the home button.
4. On your accounts timeline profile that opens up, click on the Friends button below the cover photo.
5. On the Friends page that opens up, click on the Manage button that has a small pencil symbol on it. The button is present at the right side.

6. On the drop-down, click Edit Privacy.

7. On the Edit Privacy window that opens up, select Only Me from the drop-down list representing the Who can see my friend list option.

8. Once done, click the Close button to save the changes and to close the opened box.

9. Now your friend list will only be visible to you. Your friends will be able to see friends you have in common, i.e. the people who are added in your and their friend list.

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