How to Deactivate My Facebook Account Temporarily

If you're concerned about your privacy, have multiple accounts, or are just bored of using Facebook, you may want to delete your account.

Your iPhone enables you to deactivate your Facebook account with a few taps while using the Facebook app. Once your Facebook account is deactivated, you do not receive any notifications, and your Facebook friends will not be able to view your profile as well. All the pictures and posts shared by you get concealed till the time you reactivate your profile.

Note: You can reactivate your deactivated Facebook account anytime by typing your correct Facebook credentials (username and password) in the corresponding fields on the Facebook login page.

Here is how you can deactivate your Facebook account from your iPhone:

  1. Long press the Power button to switch on your iPhone.
  2. Swipe your finger to the right on screen (screen with the slide to unlock text) to unlock the device.
  3. From the displayed list of icons, tap the Facebook icon from the Home screen.
  4. On the opened window, tap the More icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) from the bottom-right corner.
  5. On the More window, under the SETTINGS section, locate and tap the Settings option.
  6. Once the Settings interface comes up, tap the General option.
  7. From the Settings window, tap Deactivate representing the Account option from the bottom.
  8. When the Enter Password interface opens up, in the Password field, provide the correct password, and tap Continue.
  9. When the next window appears, choose the appropriate option and populate the available fields with the desired values, and tap the Deactivate button to finally deactivate your Facebook account.

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