How Do I Create A New Facebook Account

Facebook is the most popular social network. Look for new friends, make free chat with someone, free sound and video chat features, upload video and photos,..There are a lot reasons to create a new Facebook account. Perhaps it will be your first account or you want to get a new one or a fake account. It’s easy to create one but if you don't know how, How Facebook will help you.

First, go to Facebook page, click here 

facebook homepage

Next, enter your First Name and Surname (here is Landa and Victoria)

create facebook account

Then, enter your phone number or email address. Here is my phone number. 

enter phone create facebook acount

And, type your Facebook password:

enter password create facebook acount

Choose your birthday:

choose birthday create facebook acount

Finally, choose your sex and click Create an account:

choose sex create facebook acount

Maybe Facebook will ask your SMS code. Check your phone message and enter the code. And, click Continue:

confirm code facebook


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