How Can I Check Who Shared My Photo

Learn How Can I Check Who Shared My Photo
Method 1:

Facebook has been adding a flurry of new features recently (many obviously in response to the challenge of Google+). Most of them have been so big that some smaller but important additions may have slipped by unnoticed.
One that Page admins will appreciate is a new View all shares link attached to posts on your Page’s wall. Clicking on this link brings a popover that shows an avatar picture and name for every person who has shared the post on their own wall.

Aside from the immediate-gratification ego boost of seeing a nice number of shares for your posts, as a page admin you should use this feature strategically. Over a period of time, keep a list of who shares your posts, and find out who your most-frequent sharers are. These are the advocates for your brand, and it is extremely valuable to know who they are.
Find creative ways to reach out to your top advocates. Perhaps offer them first peek at new content. If clicking through to their wall or site shows that they have interesting things to say, invite them to do a guest post. Offer them a special coupon or discount as a way of saying thanks.
When studies consistently show that the recommendations of friends count highly in consumer purchase decisions, cultivating your relationship with your advocates, those who recommend you most, could pay off big for you.

Method 2:
You will be limited to seeing only the people who shared the link publicly (according to their privacy settings).
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the link or better the title of the link/video title (in case of YouTube video)
  3. You will be able to limit the Posts results by your friends or everyone (e.g. example)

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