How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

One day, you can't find your friend or send messages to her (or him) There are two situations : your friend has either disabled his or her account or blocked you, which prevents you from seeing things you post on their timeline, starting conversations with them, and adding them as a friend. How do you tell whether your friend has purposely severed contact with you or simply left Facebook entirely? See Step below to get started:

Step 1, Open your inbox. With this method, we will determine whether or not we have been blocked by looking for clues in Facebook's built-in messaging service. To begin, open your inbox. After that, click here and See All your inbox.
  • If you have recently communicated with your friend, your conversation will be at or near the top of the drop-down menu that displays. In this case, you can click on your conversation to bring it up in a small chat box at the bottom of the window.
  • Note that this method requires you to have had a past conversation with your friend. If you haven't exchanged messages with the person in question over Facebook, you won't have a conversation history in which to look for clues.

Step 2, Find a past conversation with the friend in question. When you have accessed your inbox, you will want to find any past correspondence you've had with this friend. This can be a private one on one message or a group message that they replied to - all that's important is that they sent a message of their own as part of the conversation. Conversations that they read but did not reply to are unfortunately of no use.
  • If you can't find a conversation with your friend by scrolling through the list of conversations at the left of the inbox, you may want to try using the search bar at the top left to search your message history for your friend's name or other keywords.

Step 3, Look for a "default" profile picture and/or an un-clickable profile link. Every entry in your conversation history should have the poster's name and profile picture at the top of it. Look at one of your friend's entries - the condition of his or her name and profile picture can tell you whether you've been blocked or whether this person's profile has been deleted.
  • If your friend's profile picture is still visible, but his or her name is greyed out and cannot be clicked to access his or her profile, you have likely been blocked.
  • If, on the other hand, your friend's name isn't clickable, but his or her profile picture is set to the "default" Facebook picture (androgynous white silhouette against light blue backdrop), she/he has probably deleted his or her profile. The only alternative - that she/he blocked you and deleted his or her profile picture - is very unlikely.
    • If your friend's messages bear the name "Facebook User", rather than his or her actual name, s/he has definitely deleted his or her profile

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