How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook?

A Facebook user have hundreds friends, even thousands friends. Many friends is good, but sometimes, you don't wan't see someone on New Feeds but you don't want to unfriend or block them. Fortunately, Facebook know it and you can unfollow people. When you unfollow someone, you will hide all friends post on Facebook.

Method 1:

First, login your Facebook account, you can click here and go to Facebook:

login to facebook
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Then, go to Timeline who you want to unfriend (here is Mollie Handley)

facebook timeline friend

Next, click Following on bottom right cover photo (next to Friends)

unfollow someone on facebook

Finally, choose Unfollow Handley. Done.

unfollow friend

Method 2:

First, click here and login your Facebook account:

login facebook

Next, go to your Timeline click Friends option. Or you can click here and go to Friends list quickly.

go to friend tab

Then, move mouse into name of people who you want to Unfollow (here is Mollie Handley)

facebook friends list

New window will appear, you need move mouse into Following:

unfollow someone on friends list
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And now, choose Unfollow Handley. Done.

unfollow your friends

Method 3: 

This method use when you see any post on you New Feeds.

Click V button and choose Unfollow Faisal (Faisal is your friends name)

unfollow on new feed


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