How To Create A Say Thanks Video On Facebook?

Method 1

How To Create Say Thanks Video?

Step 1. You need login to Facebook first
Step 1. Go to Facebook Say Thank
Step 2. Select your friend’s name
Step 3. Choose a theme (example: Family, Friends, Old Friends )
Step 4. Choose photos and posts to include in your video

Keep in mind that if you’d like to include posts or photos in your video, you will have to choose five picture. When you are ready to show your friend the video, click Share button. Both you and your friend will get a notification that lets you watch the video. 

If you want to share your thank video on Facebook, click Post. Remember, everyone can see your this photo.

Method 2 

How do I create Thank You video on Facebook?

Recently, Facebook has designed the special feather where you can create Thank you video for your friends on Facebook.

Here, you can choose any of your friends to make a video thank. If you want to send a thank video for someone is not your friend, add friends with them before. You can only create a thank video for a friend. If you want to thank a lot of people, you need create multiple video.

You have the option to select the theme for your thank video which may be under the category of the video you want to create which may for old friend, friend or family.

How To Create A Say Thanks Video On Facebook

You can decide to customize your video through selecting the statuses and photos that you would like them to appear in your video.

Now click here and create thank you Video, I promise your friend will happy.

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