How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Messenger?

How to check blocked contacts List on Messenger

We can block people on facebook or messenger App from sending messages in facebook. We all know that fb messenger is user friendly and popular for all users like Android, IOS and windows phone. Everyone knows that how to unblock someone using facebook web but we have an feature to unblock facebook users through messenger also. It is very helpful to people who don’t have PC’s to open facebook web to unblock facebook friends.

From now onwards, we can use messenger app to unblock people o facebook. You can follow below step by step guide lines to know how to unblock friends on facebook messenger. You can ask us for any further queries through our social media accounts, comments and over mail. Go through live demo which gives you clear understanding about unblocking someone on facebook messenger.
How to unblock someone on Facebook Messenger
  • Open messenger App
  • Click on head/profile icon button

  • Go through People from the menu

  • Choose blocked contacts
  • Choose contact and click unblock button
Like this you can check blocked contacts list on facebook through messenger. IN messenger you can check date and time of blocked them on fb. For more tips and tricks follow us on all social media accounts.

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