How To See Who You Are Most Connected To On Facebook?

When you use Facebook, you are probably connected to thousands of other people, and you might be left wondering who is viewing your information on profile, commenting on your status, and like your posts or photos the most. There is impossible to know for sure who is checking out your Timeline, but delving into who Facebook thinks you're most connected to – based on comments, likes, messages, and pokes – can tell you who your closest Facebook friends are. Of course, this article will help you see who you are most connected on Facebook.

First, go to your Timeline. You need login Facebook. After that, click here and go to your Timeline:

Next, open your Friends list. Click the Friends option on the left side of About to open a list of all your Facebook friends - or you can click here. The friends list may seem random at first, but evidence suggests that it is actually determined by Facebook algorithms to show you the people you are most connected to:
  • This list is determined by a variety of factors, including who like and comments on your status, who shares your posts, and who views your photos the most.

Finally, see the friends at the top. The friends at the top of your list are who Facebook has determined to be your closest connections. People in this list are most connected to you, either by your interest in their status updates or theirs in yours (likes, comments, etc.)

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