How to Report Someone on Facebook?

There are many kind of people on Facebook, some good and some bad. When you see a post or someone you think violates the Facebook Terms such as spam, nudity, graphic violence or bullying, you must be report it. Facebook provides ways to report a post or people for violating terms. Facebook will delete post or disable someone if they really violate terms.

Step 1,  Login to Facebook. If you have been login Facebook, you don't need do this step.

Step 2, search for the person that you want to report and go to their Timeline . Enter the person name in the Search Box and Facebook will suggest for you

Step 3, click the ... button. The ... button is located at bottom right of the cover photo. It is next to the buttons Message. When you click the ... button, a window will pop-up. After that, click Report.

Step 4, choose the reason why you want to report this person. After you click Report, a window will appear "
What would you like to do?". Select the one you feel is most appropriate.

Step 5, Click Continue. If window appear options, choose one and click Continue

Step 6, the “What you can do” window will appear. These options include 
Submit to Facebook for Reviewunfriendunfollow, block, and you can choose one of the options. Done. 

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