How to Change Your Email Address on Facebook?

Changing your Facebook email address is pretty easy, it's just ... different ... than most email and other services out there.

To truly change your email is three step process.

However, it's possible you may not need all three; Facebook allows you to add email addresses to your account without removing the old unless you want to.

Step 1: Add an Email Address

Login to your Facebook account, and click on Account, and then on Account Settings:

Account Settings on Facebook Account menu

Once in Account Settings, click on the edit (change) link next to Email. Or you can click here

Change link for Facebook Email

Enter a new email address in the New Contact Email: field:

New email address specified

Once you press Add New Email, Facebook will prompt you for your password as a security measure:

Facebook password confirmation when changing email

An email is then sent to both the old and the new address for verification, and the Email section of the settings page changes to:

Facebook's email status while waiting for email conversation

Check your email at the new address, and you should see a message similar to this:

Facebook confirmation email

Click on the link provided and you're almost done.

At this point, you can login using the new email address and your existing password. However, the old email address hasn't yet been removed, and will still get notifications.

That might be enough for you.

Steps 2 & 3: Remove the Old Address 

Return to that email section, click on that change link again and you'll see something interesting:

Facebook showing all associated email addresses

All we've done so far is add an email address to the account. You now need to do two things, but only if you want to:

Step 2: Select your new email address as the "Contact Email", and click on Change Contact Email. This will cause all subsequent notification to go to your new email address.

Step 3: After you've changed the Contact Email, a "Remove" link will appear next to the old email address. Click that if you want that email address completely disassociated from your Facebook account.

Of course you can add yet another email address at this point also.

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