How Do I Make My Pictures Private Or Friends Only?

Whenever you upload a picture to your Timeline, by default, all of your friends will be able to see it. You can change these privacy settings and that the picture is only visible by you. You can do this after uploading a picture or as you upload it. Also, you can change the privacy settings for any albums you have created.

1. Single Photos

facebook photos

1.1 Open the picture that you want to make private. You can make any picture that you have uploaded private as long as it isn't your current profile or cover photo, or part of an album. You can't make photos that someone have uploaded private. Now, open the photo (picture) so that it takes up your browser window.

  • You can find your photos by clicking the Photos option in the Apps menu or by clicking the Photos tab next to Friends tab on your profile.
  • It is impossible to change the privacy settings of photos using the mobile version of the Facebook site. You can use the mobile App.
date of facebook post

1.2 Find the date in the upper right corner. Here is February 27, 2014. If  you just uploaded, it the date is Just now or A minute. The option to change the privacy for the photo can be found next to the date (down-arrow icon).

change private picture

1.3 Click the Down arrow button. This will display the different privacy options for that photo.
  • If you are using the mobile app, tap the: button, scroll down, and select Edit privacy.
make my picture private only me

1.4 Choose Only me. This will change the photo is privacy so that only you can see it.
  • If the photo is part of an album, you will only be able to change the privacy for the entire album.
  • If the photo was part of a post, you will only be able to change the privacy of the entire post.
  • If anyone else is tagged in the photo, they will still be able to see it. The Only me option will change to Only me+Anyone name. You will need to remove their tags if you don't want they can see it anymore.
2. Albums

facebook album

2.1 Find the album that you wanna change the privacy settings for. You can change the privacy settings for any album that you have created. This will affect every photo in the album. For Mobile Uploads, Timeline Photos, Cover Photos, and Profile Pictures, you will need to change the privacy for each photo individually.

  • You can't change the privacy settings for albums using the mobile app or the mobile site.
change private facebook album

2.2 Click the Privacy button next to the date uploaded. You can find this at the top of your album.

make album private only me

2.3 Click Only me. This will make your album private, including all of the photos inside.
  • If others are tagged in the album, they will still be able to see it. You have to remove their tags to hide the album from them.
3. New Photos

add new photo

3.1 Compose a New Post with the photo (picture) you want to add. Click the Add Photos/Video button or tap Add Photo to take or select a photo (picture) to upload. Facebook allow you add many photos to a post.

change private new photos

3.2 Click Public (down-arrow icon). If you use browser web, this will say the current privacy setting. If you use mobile site and app, it will just have the current setting's icon.

make photo only me

3.3 Click Only me (lock symbol).This will make your post private so that only you can see it. Now, nobody can't see your new status and photos. If you want someone can see it, choosing Public again.

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