Warning: Do not catch GRIMER in Pokemon Go

As of now Grimer has been reported as one of the most glitched Pokemon in the game other than Ivysaur right now.

Tons of trainers have reported Grimer as a hellish experience, having their games crash right when they meet one. (What a first impression)

So if you run into a Grimer be aware, you’re in for one hell of a lagg.

Grimer has been reported as even crashing any players game who see’s one as a Gym Defender. Some trainers have gone as far as to catch one, only to have their games crash as they attempt to scroll past Grimer in their Pokedex or Journal. This glitch has been known by some trainers since last month, and it’s still not fixed due to the bug slipping by Niantic’s eagle eye.

Though this problem is only for android users with low memory, it can be resolved by a simple google search.

Here are just a few reports from reddit and youtube on the matter.

Report by Rodizmo on TheSilphRoad

“Hello guys!

So this past Tuesday I hatched an egg in the city which turned out to be a Grimer. Didnt look further, was just pleased to have one. I did however notice that Dewgong (right next to the Grimer in my list at the time) would crash my game whenever I went to its specifuc stat page.

Fast forward to yesterday with the advancement of the IV info and I began researching all of my Pokes IVs. I eventually got to Dewgong, Grimer, and Shelder. All three would crash my game and i would recieve the “so and so is not responding, close it?” message. I eventually managed to transfer the Shelder and Dewgong by messing with the list organization and thought that was that. I figured Dewgong was the issue.

Until today. Where AGAIN, after I found the Grimer to have 15/15/15 IVs i went to favorite it. And again it crashed. Along with Onix and Victreebel which were immediately before and after (forget which list organizer).

I came here and found out this Grimer issue is not an isolated incident. How similar is my story to yours?

TLDR: Hatched Grimer Tuesday (733 CP 104 HP 2500 DP) 15/15/15 100% perfect IVs Crashes game only during stat page Also effects any pokemon immediately before or after Grimer anywhere on the list. ”

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