Pokemon Go Buddy Will Be Used For More Than Just Candies?

Recently Pokemon Go had new Pokemon Buddy Update and for now all it does is, it gives you candies for your Buddy Pokemon every time you finish specific distance for buddy Pokemon. But if you noticed that Pokemon Go saves the distance you walked with Each Pokemon Buddy even after switching out Pokemon Buddies.

And Niantic loves to hide EasterEggs for Pokemon Go Trainers, just like the Pikachu easter egg in Buddy System, you can article here: Buddy Pikachu Easter Egg

So my point here is, the distance that is saved for Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go Buddy System suggests that it will be used in future for more EasterEgg or updates.

Here are few possibilities below:

Replacing the Friendship of the original Pokemon games, thus it can be the requirement to evolve your Buddy Pokemon into Espeon, Umbreon, Steelix, Politoed ,Crobat etc.

If you reach enough distance for perticular Pokemon, you can change move-set or probably get a stronger move-set

Improve IVs(Individual Values) of Buddy Pokemon as you walk or by Effort values of Original Pokemon Games.

Unlock Mega Evolutions?(Definitely sure it’s gonna be next year but still[this is just my opinion])

And there are way too many possibilities, so what I suggest is make sure that you use Stronger Buddy Pokemon with Good IV, so when the updates or Easter Eggs kicks in, you can benefit yourself from it.

Comment possible EasterEggs below if you know any.

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