Negan's F-Bomb Count From The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-Ray Revealed

Aside from who he killed, fans of The Walking Dead are most looking forward to watching Negan curse up a storm in an alternate version of his introductory scene from the Season 6 finale when the bonus scenes become available on blu-ray and DVD.

The wait is almost over with the alternate version of Negan's brutal entrance set to hit shelves on Tuesday, August 23 but in the mean time, the excitement should reach new heights. A new report from THR has revealed how many F-words we will get from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan when we feast our eyes on the not-allowed-on-television takes and it looks like full comic book glory has been realized.

Here's the count:

F—: 3
F—ed: 2
F—ing: 16
F—er: 1
F—ety: 1
Yes, we will be hearing the uncensored, direct adaptation of the comic book line, "I am gonna beat the holy f--- f---ing f---ety f--- out of one of you," which translated to cable as "I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you."

Negan will be around for quite some time on the AMC series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan told at San Diego Comic Con that he is ready for "the long haul" with the series and is in fact a huge fan of Robert Kirkman's comic books.

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