Full Stat Breakdown of Gen 2 Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go

Fan Theory on Gen 2 Pokemon Stats!
With Pokemon GO slowly but surely running out of stuff to do, the community will be excited to learn what’s next for the game.

View Spreadsheet of all Pokemon CP Stats HERE

A Few days ago, Reddit user khrawn calculated the attack, defense, and stamina of all evolved Gen 2 Pokemon. They uploaded the results to Reddit, and we’re glad to share a few notes on things they’ve noticed while arranging them.

On the post, khrawn said:
  • “Wobbuffet will be a great defender like Chansey, but Blissey will be number 1.
  • With Lanturn and Ampharos maybe the Water pokemons will have a counter.
  • Tyranitar will be awesome.
  • Hold on to your Poliwags/Seadra’s but Onix/Zubat will still suck.
  • Shuckle will not be the awesome staller/defender many of you know him as.”
Furthermore, the khrawn went on to speculate that there will be more variation come Gen 2’s release:

“Finally, it seems there will be more variation, as Tyranitar>Vaporeon>Ampharos>Tyranitar. But that’s just speculation from my side.“

If you’d like to view the stats for yourself, head over to the original post, or if you’re in a hurry, the spreadsheet yourself. Included are values from the original Pokemon games, and the values we’ll expect to be seeing in Pokemon GO.

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