Dratini Spawns every 20 hours at This Pokemon’s Locations!

Could this player be on to something?

We’ve found tons of new Pokemon surfacing, ranging from all types of sizes and CP.

However, one Pokemon Go player might have cracked an important piece of the puzzle to acquire a lot of Dratinis in quick succession. This player noticed a peculiar trend as he encountered several Dratinis over a short period of time while visiting a Magikarp nest near his home. He explains the entire ordeal via a Reddit post which you can read below –

With the update a few weeks ago, new Pokemon spawn locations were added along a paved walking trail (marked on Google maps) next to my home. This trail runs alongside a creek, and I noted that there were 2 distinct spawn points consistently showing Magikarps…one spawned at about :15 after the hour, and the other :40 after the hour.
The player also observes how the Dratini showed up at specific times during the day near the nest” – Says Jahmic on Reddit..

With this information some of our viewers may be able to jump into this theory and figure out some quick ways to get a Dragonite evolution, if this helped you let us know in the comments!

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