How Do I Unblock Someone On Facebook 2017

This tutorial will show you How Do I Unblock Someone On Facebook 2017...
When you block someone on Facebook, they can't see you anymore. But now, because some reason, you want to connect with them again and you don't know how to unblock people on Facebook. This tutorial will help unblock them.


First, you have to log in Facebook:

And then, tap here and go to Blocking tab

Next, tap Blocking 

On Block User ~> User name (here I unblock Mishra Rupesh) ~> Unblock:

Next, tap Unblock:

I unblocked Mishra Rupesh success:


First, you have to log in Facebook:

login to facebook

And then, click here and go to Blocking tab:

blocking tab

Choose Block User ~> User name (Molie Handley) ~> Unblock:

block users

Next, Confirm:

confirm unblock someone