How To Change The Language To English On Facebооk?

Sometimes, you want to change your language setting back to English or other language. But, how you can do that when Facebook default a language you don't understand? Don't worry, this introduction will help you change your language.

Method 1:

First, you have to log in Facebook. If not yet, please click here.

Then, click here to change your language

Now, select the language you want to see on Facebook, i chose English (UK):

Finish, click Blue Button and we done:

Method 2:

To meet the needs of its growing international user base, Facebook has made itself available in over 90 languages. This method will teach you simple ways to change your language settings on the Facebook.

Change Language Settings on Facebook

Open Facebook in your web browser. If you are not yet logged in, you can edit your home screen language preferences by clicking on one of the available language options at the bottom of the page.
If you don't see language options, Scroll Mouse Down:

After that, click ... :

And, choose your Language:

Method 3:

Step 1 : First you have to log in to Facebook. Click here and login to your Facebook account:

Step 2 : Then, navigate for the down arrow like icon (v) which is usually placed at the top right corner. Now click on it and select Settings.

Step 3 : The previous step will lead you on General Account Settings page. Next, you have to detect the language option which is usually placed at the left hand side of the webpage beneath the Blocking option. Once you have found the Language Option, just to click on it.

Step 4 : Previous step open the Language settings section for you on the same web page. Then click on the Edit option beside the What language do you want to use Facebook in?

It will open a section for you from which you can select the desired language to use Facebook in. Just click on the down arrow which is positioned beneath the text Show Facebook in this language. This will open a drop down menu with the language names from which you can select the desired language.

Step 5 : Once you select your desired language then you require is to click on Save changes button.

This may reload the web page as per your edit activities, and you may see the changes being applied to your Facebook account at the same time.

You will notice the language changes, and then you can use Facebook in your selected language instead of default Facebook language. Thus you can change language setting on Facebook. I believe that this article will help you lot about changing language on Facebook. If you have any other information or questions regarding this topic then do tell me via comments. Thanks for watching.